Frequently Asked Questions and Tips for test takers 

How long does it take from the time I submit my application to my test date? 

Answer:  It depends but in most cases around 6 weeks.    It is important to go and get your fingerprints done when Prometric sends you the email saying they recieved your application and now they need your fingerprints/background check.   The sooner you get fingerprinted the sooner you will get your test date.   Your background check is sent to the Florida Board of Nursing for approval by the vendor and then the Florida Board of Nursing gives Prometric the "green light" to test you.   All this takes about 6 weeks. 

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 What should I wear to the testing site? 

It is best to show up and look like a Nursing Assistant.   I reccomend that all my students wear scrubs, tennis shoes, and hair pulled away from the face.   Another thing I reccomend is not to have acrylic nails the day of testing.    

 What should I expect the day of testing? 

You will take the test in two parts.   The written test and the skills test.     Expect to be there for about 4 hours.